The Malverns – trailblazing conservation since 1885

At up to a billion years old, the igneous intrusion known as The Malverns is the oldest rock in England and Wales. The Malverns emerge, almost apologetically majestic, among gentle hills and the Severn plain farmland which surround them and more than worthy of their Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty status. I’ve itched to climbContinue reading “The Malverns – trailblazing conservation since 1885”

Castlemorton Common – ‘avin it large in Worcestershire

Castlemorton, Shadybank, Hollybed and Combe Green Commons are a single unit of registered common land, to the south of Great Malvern, Worcestershire, covering 681 acres. It’s still used by commoners, who have rights to graze livestock – mainly cattle and sheep – as well as (in smaller numbers) to fish, set pigs out to forage,Continue reading “Castlemorton Common – ‘avin it large in Worcestershire”