The slipperiness of water: six commons near Tavistock

Some years ago, my wife and I did a six-mile walk around Horrabridge, near Tavistock, close to the Southwestern corner of Dartmoor, a pleasant but unremarkable walk. I recently dived into the infuriatingly incomplete Commons Register to draw up a list of Devon commons to visit, with an eye on the unusual. It just soContinue reading “The slipperiness of water: six commons near Tavistock”

Great Torrington’s Commons

Great Torrington’s commons are huge (365 acres), varied (meadow, parkland, wood, golf course, wet scrub, river bank) and almost entirely circle this ancient, small town. Where do I even begin with them?  First, it’s worth testing out what I now know about common land with what I found on the commons register. Here, it saysContinue reading “Great Torrington’s Commons”

Corfe’s Town Commons – and Project Pragmatics

Corfe Castle is just about do-able in a day trip from Exeter, at least in the summer of a pandemic which has spilled more caravans and motorhomes than usual onto Dorset’s narrow, winding A-roads. I’d several reasons for visiting: first, it’s incredibly famous and I’d never been; second, I’m dipping my toe in the waterContinue reading “Corfe’s Town Commons – and Project Pragmatics”